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How happiness is all in our mind?

Life without happiness is nothing. Our intention behind doing everything is to be happy and content. Happiness streams into our life in many different forms and it’s us who decide if we wanna embrace it or turn it down.

Imagine these scenarios and ask yourself would you feel happy –

  • If you spend time with your loved ones?
  • If someone admires you for helping them?
  • If you get a proposal? (Business or wedding 😀 )
  • If you travel to the most beautiful places on earth?
  • If your dog gives you hugs? (I must say you are very lucky then 😀 )
  • If you spend time with your best buddy?
  • If you listen to your favourite playlist?
  • If you finally put that idea on paper?
  • If you get a promotion?
  • If you read your favourite book?
  • If you achieve something you have always dreamed for?

Happy moments

These are the moments to be cherished and It’s really great if we feel happy when we experience all these beautiful and happy moments. But don’t you think we have put so many “if’s” or “but’s” in our life and sometimes it becomes extremely difficult to live life peacefully because of these conditions. Because we think “If” we won’t get what we expect, our happiness would disappear far in the dark places of sorrow and resentment. But it’s not someone else who steals it from us. We let it disappear. So we always have to remind ourselves-

Favourable conditions

And yes!!!!! It’s extremely difficult to get good feelings when something bad happens to us. But choosing to be a victim of the bitter experiences is something we should not accept. Ultimately it’s our choice either to learn, be strong and move on or to fill ourselves with resentment, anger, worry and any other negative emotion. We have to stop convincing ourselves about how some situations are hard to overcome. Because It only takes a single moment to decide If we want to feel sad, angry, tired, lazy, happy, loving or excited.

Are you wondering -” how “? Really !!!!!!????

Imagination-Decides-Everything! (2)

Hellooo!!!!! We possess one of the fascinating human abilities – “imagination”. Imagine means image-in, to create an image inside us. Now, what kind of images we want to keep inside us?

Should we choose an image which is horribly sad to fill our heart with a weird heaviness or something to fill our heart, mind, and soul with happiness which would give us a sense of great satisfaction?

We are the only ones to make that choice. And once we make the right choice, we would learn to appreciate the invaluable gifts given to us by God and we would never feel stuck, miserable, anxious or unfulfilled.

Imagination is gift

It is believed and proved that wherever our thought goes our life follows. So why not to think and imagine something we really want in our life. Imagination is a wonderful gift which will be valuable only if we unwrap it with positivity, happiness, and cheerfulness.

So it should be our utmost priority to think of-

  • Happiness instead of disappointment.
  • Love instead of hate.
  • Dreams instead of needs.
  • Soul instead of the body.
  • Moments instead of time.
  • Acceptance instead of resistance.
  • Abundance instead of scarcity.
  • Pleasure instead of pain.
  • Togetherness instead of loneliness.
  • Life instead of death.

Everything you can imagine is real!

Life is what we make it, not what happens to us. So let’s make it a series of beautiful memories. No matter how hard or cruel life becomes, there is always something which can make us completely happy. We just need to identify that “something” by going deep inside us where all the secrets about living a fulfilled life lies.

So do you also think that happiness is all in our mind or its something external?
I would love to know your thoughts on this 🙂
So feel freeeee to comment!!! 🙂

How to get ahead and have a fulfilled life.

To answer this question every successful person on this earth would say- “Secret of getting ahead in life is getting started.”


Last week, I was at a speaker forum held in Ahmedabad Management Association(AMA). The topic was – “Secret of getting ahead in life is getting started” .

I never let go the chance to come in front of the crowd and speak. So it was such a great experience. I met with some good speakers there, learned a lot and realized how we grow up in our life, learn positive things from others and live a fulfilled life.

But there are moments in our life when we feel emotionally and mentally stuck. We lose all the hopes and mostly negative thoughts remains in our mind. Those are the most difficult moments to overcome. Continue Reading

Still confused about the Multi Level Marketing/Network Marketing/Direct selling industry?

Before 12th Sept 2016, Multi-Level Marketing/Network Marketing (MLM) profession in India was taken very casually.But after the announcement of Direct Selling Guidelines 2016  , the scenario has changed completely. It is a complete justice to legitimate Multi-Level Marketing companies and their associates in India.

The reason why the government in India is now supporting this industry completely because Multi-Level Marketing is one of the most growing industries in the world.

global sale

But this growth did not happen in a few days or months. From last 60+ years, associates of this industry are putting their efforts to make a positive impact. But still, there are so many misconceptions about Multi Level Marketing. Everybody has their own positive or negative views.

When I got introduced to this industry for the very first time, I was very much fascinated by its concept.  I was Continue Reading

Be the best version of yourself!!

Legends are ordinary people like us only. They follow their own heart, but not the society.Their purpose is not only to make their own career. But also to bring some value to the world and help others to make their life better. That’s the only reason they achieve much more than they expect.

But most of us are lost into this scary world of more achievements and expectations . It’s because our society and family have set the wrong standard for us to accomplish. We are taught to stay in the rat race of becoming better than others. Because of these false expectations, we have forgotten our real purpose. We try to become like others and live like others. Not because we want to or we feel good, but because it looks good.



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6 lessons learnt from Seth Godin!

It is so true that everyone needs to have mentor to be successful in life. Some of us are very lucky to have them and few like me keep searching for them and apply their teachings in life.

Marie Forleo is the one who inspires me and many people all over the world. She is one of the most creative life coaches and web television hosts, I have ever seen. Recently I was watching one of her video, where she is having the conversation with Seth Godin (American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker). And i could not stop myself writing about it and sharing it.

Here is the link- click here to watch the full video.

Otherwise keep reading my thoughts on this and these are 6 lessons I learnt, after watching the video 🙂

1) Seth Godin highlights the fact that many of us are wasting the chance of a lifetime. Everyone plans something for future. But they just keep planning and think that someday when perfect time would come, they will take actions upon it.seth godin1 Continue Reading

Why Business!!!!

Hello there,Hope you are doing definitely well in your life.

And yes i have a message to share with you all.The message relates to our

We work really hard to achieve all these things in our life. Everyone of us is working real hard to fulfill all our needs and dreams. We are working to have the financial freedom in life so that we could secure future of our family.f I say that we are working and

If I say that we are working and earning to be happy that would not be wrong.But do you know that there is one more way to be very happy ,i mean extremely happy?

And it is to work for our passion and our own dreams. Continue Reading

Living a happy life is not an option,but a choice

Multi level marketing

Living happily ever after is in our hand,but still most of us are living an empty life.The foremost reason of this unfulfilled life is “bundle of expectations” from others. Today we are living a life of huge expectations.
◆ Expectations of love
◆ Expectations of getting special attention
◆ Expectations of being successful in professional life.
◆ Expectations of getting happiness and joy from others.
For sure searching for love,joy,happiness and success is really great way of living our life,it brings excitement ,but expecting all this from someone else is really not a good option.
I hear this very often “see that friend of mine,i have done so many thing just for him/her and at the end that person showed his selfishness ,did nothing for me and disappointed me”.Before blaming other we should see ourself first. This feeling of getting things in return always bring nothing but dissatisfaction, which ends up as frustration. A frustrated person can never observe good things around him,dissatisfaction hides every single moment of joy..

So always remember my friend !! to be happy is a choice and that choice is in our own hands. If you choose to be happy,nobody can stop you to have that feeling of happiness. If you will feel fulfilled already without setting expectations and conditions ,you would feel the inner joys.You would be “sailor of your own boat”.So be happy and make others happy without expectations.


And my wish for you my friend that you decide to take charge of your own happiness and live a awesome life.